Food packaging and catering disposables

Eco-friendly Biodegradable food packaging and catering disposables - Moulded products are made from Bagasse, the waste fiber left-over after juice is extracted from sugarcane stalk. Bagasse is a very good fiber for pulp, because of its high tensile strength and good fiber length. Bagasse pulp makes products lightweight for ease in handling, flexible to protect from damage, and strong to prevent spillage. We make our own pulp from locally sourced bagasse to ensure the highest quality and safety standards. Our product range focuses on the food industry — compostable disposables for food service, and egg trays for food storage and transportation.
Food service disposables are ideal for a wide range of food service formats - indoor or outdoor dining to take-away. Modular design and aesthetic make it suitable for house-parties, camping-excursions, corporate canteens, outdoor catering, and home delivery.
Origin: India