Cookie Packaging

Cookie Packaging is usually innovated with its quality, materials, and performances.  Cookie Packaging is of utmost importance to keep them as tasty and aromatic as they should be, along with keeping their freshness and aroma alive.

Features of Cookie Packaging:

Keeping the freshness, aroma and flavors of cookies

Prevent from outside impacts on cookies

Materials: OPP, CPP, MCPP, Aluminum, PET, PE, LLDPE, PCPP Film, MPET, Matte OPP, Matte PET…

Product type: Pre-pouch type, film reel

Pre-pouch types: Zipper – standup pouch, box style pouch (flat bottom, side gussets and zipper closure), M fold sealing, four-side sealing machine, three-side sealing, pillow pouch, wielding seal…